Regional Community Policing Training Institute
The Commission serves as Community Partner with the Regional Community Policing Training Institute, Wichita State University. As the Community Partner in this federally funded program (COPS Grant), we participate in project activities and attempt to provide substantive input. This outstanding program, headed by Dr. Andrea Bannister, is responsible for training hundreds of law enforcement officers throughout Kansas and Nebraska in the area of Community Policing.
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If you have information as to the identity of any of the individuals on this site, call the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office.
Public safety is one of the primary goals of the Wichita State University Police Department.
MSCC’s goal is to advance and improve the quality of justice and public safety, reduce fear and reduce crime in our community.
The Chicago Crime Commission is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization of civic leaders committed to improving the quality of public safety and justice.